Countdown to Blastoff!

The day is near! After recording a week’s worth of episodes, I have a set release date! Episode 1 of “Focus on the Change: a Daily Reminder of Your Weight Loss Goals” will hit iTunes on Wednesday, June 24th!

Each episode clocks in at around 10 minutes so far, though I’d love to do more on some episodes in the future. I’m still trying to find my footing, but I’d love for you to find it with me!

Please follow me on Twitter @focusonchanging and join the conversation on Facebook! Seriously though, I don’t have a co-host. It’s just me sitting in front of a microphone all by my lonesome. Give me some material! I want to hear about your struggles, your successes, your tips, your suggestions, your non-scale victories… all that jazz! And if you’re up for sharing your whole story, shoot me an email! Don’t leave me hangin’, friends!

Link up with me on all that social media stuff for more updates. And don’t forget to join me on June 24th for day one of committing to our health goals together! It should be fun =)