“Focus on the Change” is a daily podcast hosted by Adam Bensen. Having always struggled with food, Adam yo-yoed with his weight for the better part of his life until he realized that he didn’t simply have pounds to lose; he has a problem to manage. He understood (thanks to the inspiration and guidance of his mother, Kim) that more than losing weight, he needed to change. And that change requires a daily commitment to this day.

Adam has been leading support meetings, teaching nutrition, and counseling others who share his struggle for the last 2 years. He’s the mind behind the daily motivational email series from KimBensen.com. Now, he’s applying that same concept to a podcast!

At its heart, this show is simply meant to serve as a daily reminder of our commitment to our health. Because it’s a daily show, it will surely get tedious and repetitive at times (much like a weight loss journey lol). Adam will cover the broad scope of weight loss (what we’ve done wrong in the past and what we can do right this time around), the struggles of maintenance, some nutritional education, and all things social and pop-culture that contribute to our unhealthy relationship with food.

So join him in continued commitment to living healthier every day!

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