FOTC 69 (#FOTCchallenge day 22, the definition of success, and gym-music mondayyyy!)

We’re on to day 22 of the #FOTCchallenge! They say it takes 21 days to build a habit, so keeping our water with us should be second nature by now, right? Well, according to science, not exactly. Let’s talk about it! And of course we’ve…

FOTC 67 (the meaning of patience, some listener emails, and day 20 of the #FOTCchallenge!)

We’ll delve into what it really means to be patient. Then we’ll check out some listener emails on calories! And we’re on to day 20 of the #FOTCchallenge! Got your water? GOOD! Join me here again tomorrow!

FOTC 66 (easy pieces vs difficult pieces, basketball, and fad-diet friday!)

We’ll check out an enlightening quote, make an analogy about #basketball, and dive into another edition of “Fad-Diet Friday!” And we’re on to day 19 of the #FOTCchallenge! Keep your water with you today! Join me back here tomorrow!

FOTC 63 (know yourself, know the enemy! advice for a listener, and an announcement of an announcement!)

We’ll check out words from the great Sun Tzu and provide a little advice for a listener! And stay tuned for an announcement of a coming announcement! It’s gonna be BIG! And of course it’s day 16 of the #FOTCchallenge! Join me back here tomorrow…