FOTC 06 (scared stiff, weigh ins!)

Today, we’re talking weigh ins! Just a couple of tips on how to handle them. Then, we’re gonna get straight to the heart of things: fear. Specifically, a fear of failure. We’ve tried a lot. We’ve failed a lot. And now those failures are getting in our way. What do we do about it? Find out here!

And of course, join me back here tomorrow to refocus on our health goals together!

FOTC 03 (balanced eating FTW!)

Ok, so I’m about to sum up why we need to eat well-balanced in 10 minutes. I’m definitely gonna gloss over some things! But if you’re a volume-eater like myself, you need to know why eating well-balanced is important. Veggies, folks. They’re life-savers!

And as always, join me here tomorrow to renew our commitment to our health together!